Saturday, July 14, 2007


I can’t explain how happy I am. I finally got admitted in a college of my dream…… Presidency…. with eco, stats n maths…..a subject combination I wanted badly but was not sure of getting as stats seats are limited…. College has started and I love it. I am enjoying every moment. I never thought I could be genuinely happy again but I was wrong. For two months my friends have been asking me to “move on” but somehow I had remained static as a rock, living on memories and reliving them. Candid confession-it was painful and terrible. I felt as if I was left with no hope in life and those memories are the only treasures I posses…. Feeling extremely disconcerted I tried to hold onto those recollections like a drowning man grabbing everything in his sight to stop himself from being pulled to the unknown world of death. Now I have breathed again. I have fought against the turbulent water and emerged victorious and am basking in that glory. I have finally found out a reason for myself, a reason to start over new. I have found a purpose in life with which I can start dreaming again of a glorious future. Start living my life again, start having fun again, start laughing at stupid jokes again and finally start saying-“I am happy” and really meaning it………… again.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I tried, I couldn’t sleep. I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I walked out into the terrace, the still night air wrapping me up like a shroud….. If death was bliss I would welcome it. No nemphetamine can rouse my spirits, no soothing voice nor a touch of warm hands, not a hug or a smile can make any difference……. I feel myself sinking into a deep abyss from where there is no return. The agony eats into me tearing my soul apart into pieces each moment, I am left bathed in blood, heaving, gasping, extending a solitary hand towards the heaven………
“God can you hear me?”
“Yes I am speaking to you god, can you hear me? Can you see me? Everybody says you make our destiny, so is this what you had in store for me?”
“God damn answer me, don’t remain quiet…. ANSWER….”
But He didn’t. In vain did I shout making my throat sore and throb; fruitlessly did I expect Him to nurse that wound of His child which she hides so well. He didn’t care. I guess He is a busy man…….. Nobody told me how long it takes for my voice to reach there……. But I sat there…. Staring at the star studded sky and waiting… waiting….. waiting……..

Friday, June 22, 2007

HUH............. again

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I"ll be there for you...............

“A lot of people walk in and out of your life but a few leave footprints behind” these are some of the people who left their footprints in my life……..

NAMRATA: My first friend in school when I was 3 years old and my first best friend. What we have shared is beyond words. We have grown up together and have seen the changes in life together. Today we are both very different individuals on the threshold of a new journey in life and thank god we have solved all the differences that had come between us in recent times. You don’t know how glad I am to have you back in my life and I hope nothing or nobody can separate us in future.

SREYASI: My pillar, my advisor, my guide, my philosopher and so much more I can’t explain in words……. You are the silver lining in the dark cloud. Always there to give hope, advice, comfort, solace and wipe all those tears that hold no bounds……. I don’t have enough words to thank you for everything that you are and you are not………

ANINDITA and SHREYA: Two of my oldest buddies and best of friends….. school without u guys would have been sooooooooooooo incomplete. From fun to fights, grave discussions to fooling around, stupid crushes to serious heartbreaks… we have seen and lived through all. Now as we are ready to “leave on a jet plane” we won’t kiss and say goodbye. Let’s just remain all together and enjoy the rest of our lives like we did the school years.

ABHIMANYU: Yes, I need to thank you too for the all the things that you have taught me. You taught me the value of faith, trust, commitment, hypocrisy, deceit and just how far a person can go on pretense… needless to say u n OD were perhaps two people in my life who became my closest friends in shortest span of time…… only difference is
OD came as a soothing wind to heal and stay……..
You came as a fiery storm and swept everything away………..

OINDRILA: The reflection of my soul, OD you are one of my greatest treasures. Perhaps nobody has so much similarity with me in views and opinions. We are particular about our opinions regarding everything. Thanks for being there and caring so much. I know you have done things that were just for my sake and I am ever grateful for that. It really makes me happy when you are so protective about me…… I feel at peace with the world.

TULIKA: My most glamorous best friend…….. phone is always reserved for her. Maybe we haven’t spent much time outside school but the little we have was invaluable. I just hope no difference arises between us and trust me darling nobody is above you guys in my life. I have learnt the hard way and next time I will be more careful while choosing someone.

KHEYA and SANGHITA: You both have been the most adorable juniors anybody can ever wish to have.

BHASKAR: Yes my friend… you have been there online, on the phone whenever I needed a soothing voice or caring words to deal with all my troubles. I respect you for all that you are and mainly because your loyalty towards all whom you love.

ABHISEK: You have been a friend when I needed a one and a brother when I needed one. Perhaps nobody will understand the strange way we met and came to trust each other but somehow you turn up in my worst moments telepathically and try to make me smile with all your crazy situational evaluation and direct suggestions.

RIJOY: You are not the least even though the last. I just want to thank you for all the kicks, strangling, fights, tantrums, teasing, insults, praises( veeeeeeeeeery seldom), words of wisdom and so much more…. I love it all. Thanks buddy…….

Perhaps there are so many more but I really cant fit everybody here… THANK YOU all for being a part of my life and making it complete…………..

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Left alone at my aunt’s apartment yesterday while the others enjoyed the cool breeze on the rooftop, thanks to the perennial power failure problem of Calcutta I actually took time to observe the vast stretch of Tollygunge cemetery. The view from the fourth floor balcony was breath taking. No apprehension or trepidation rose in my mind, the fear that people usually associate with the dead seemed absurd to me. Hundreds of obscure mounds lined by shimmering candles and prominent crosses engulfed me in a feeling serenity. So many thoughts kept drifting across my mind…… all these people who were once living, taking, laughing are nothing more than mere earth now…… I wondered at the futility of our petty concerns when Nature lies awaiting for us to make the little difference that we can if we stop being so selfish and self centered. It is hard for us to rise above the constant battle with life day after day. It is a challenge that we must face which leaves us panting, gasping for a breath, looking for ways and means to give vent to all those human emotions that we keep locked up in secret chambers of our heart fearing the consequences if we let them be expressed. So many lives lay ahead of me surrounded by the shroud of mystery……. My heart longed for revelation of those secrets of death that are so far away from us, yet so near. Each day we take one step closer to the eternal truth that we all scram to avoid but never stop hoping for the tranquility that only death can offer us… I felt envious of all those mounds. How they rest in peace with no worry no anxiety……… no board results, no entrance exams, no college admissions, no fight with friends, no broken hearts, no trouble with parents, no silly quarrels……. Nothing to perturb their soul……. As I stood there speculating all these I felt contented knowing that someday even I am going to rest in peace…………like all of them…………